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Vol. 15, No 2, 2022

Editorial Statement: War in Ukraine

Late February of this year, the peace that has reigned in Europe for almost 20 years was shattered by an unprovoked attack on a sovereign state. In the aftermath, the democratic countries of Europe and beyond have united in their efforts to aid Ukraine, which continues to fight for its independence even now.

Common European values are built around the protection of human rights, the same rights that are threatened by the senseless violence and indiscriminatory tactics of the Russian troops invading foreign territory. Both governments and the popular opinion have condemned the unapologetic violation of the international law and expressed sympathy for the plight of Ukrainians.

Our editorial team could do no less. We denounce bloodshed in any form, but especially when its victims are the innocent women and children who have no means of defending themselves. We believe in the rule of law and the principles of common decency. No war is ever fought without casualties, but civilian losses cannot be justified in this day and age as mere collateral damage for the supposed righteous cause. Not with the capabilities of the modern warfare, not with the truth so clearly shining through.

We stand with Ukraine. We admire and commend the Ukrainian people. We pledge our support to their fight and their continued resistance. Millions of refugees who have now settled in Europe and tens of millions who remain to meet the challenge need help, so we must ensure they receive it.

Academia and the world of science and research have long since transcended borders, but in times like these even theorists cannot stand aside. We have the privilege of having published many papers by distinguished Ukrainian authors and we are eager to review new submissions from Ukrainian contributors.

Stay strong, our Ukrainian friends! Stand firm and know you have steadfast backup at your back. Glory to Ukraine and glory to its heroes!