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Vol. 4, No 1a, 2011





Jacek Michalak


Abstract. Different definitions of quality are used by various stakeholders in the healthcare system, which influences the understanding and implementation of quality management. The Polish legal regulations directly or indirectly bearing on healthcare quality are presented with regard to the complex structure of Polish healthcare system. The most important aspects of the practical implementation of accreditation and certification systems are discussed with a special focus on European cross-border transfer of patients and doctors in the view of the MARQuIS project completed in 2008. A better understanding of mechanisms and of the interests of different groups of stakeholders is essential, and interdisciplinary research on quality determinants is needed.


Keywords: legal determinants, healthcare, non-legislative determinants, quality assurance, accreditation.


JEL Classification: I10, I120, I180 K32.


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Jacek Michalak, Ph.D.

Department of Quality, Procedures and

Medical Standards

Faculty of Health Sciences

Medical University of Lodz, Poland